Development of new high value-added products from the recycling of rubber and post-consumer footwear.

2015 - 2017

  • The methodology we adopted :

– Implementation of an R&D project, in part supported by Eco-TLC eco-organism (Total amount of the project : €392,000 ; Amount of Eco-TLC support : €188,000).
– Coordination of the project and the 3 partners : SOEX, In-Cycle, AIR.

  • The results we obtained :

– Implementation of the world’s first recycling line capable of recycling all types of footwear (pilot scale, approximately 1 ton of recycled footwear per day).
– Yield : automation of the recycling line (from grinding to separation of materials)
– Flawlessness : improvement of the separation between leather and rubber (maximum impurity of5%)
– Development of new markets for the use of regenerated materials (rubber, leather, foams, textiles)
– Animation of a network of potential users of recycled materials.
– Definition of recommandations in terms of shoes’ eco-design in order to facilitate recycling

For your information: Eco-TLC is an eco-organization approved by the French government. Its mission is to increase the collection and recycling rate of end-of-life textiles and shoes.


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