Ethical Fashion Show going #reconomy

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January is the month of trade shows and fairs. The Ethical Fashion Show is part of them, but slightly different. This is the only fair (that we know) that brings fashion design and sustainability together in an appealing and inspiring manner. Together with GreenroomVoice (Anna Rodewald & Cira Riedel), AIR (Benjamin Marias) moderated a round table around the topic of circularity in fashion. Among the panelists : Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow (ESMOD Berlin), Brett Mathews (MCL Global, Magazin Circular Economy), Steffen Riese (Pyua) and Javier Goyeneche (Ecoalf).

In addition to the round table discussion, visitors had also the chance to discover the Outdoor Areal. A great opportunity to show leadership and innovation to a broader public outside of the outdoor and sports industry. It is designed to inspire, motivate and also to tackle challenges openly. Affiliated brands and standards benefit from the fact that they are presented in a tangible and understandable “overview”, which is very much appreciated by an interested audience, that would otherwise not have the opportunity to actually see and understand the whole picture at one glance.

For the third edition of the Outdoor Areal at the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin and as part of the series on Circular Economy, GreenroomVoice gathered 10 brands around on recycling topics :
Patagonia, The North Face, PrimaLoft® with a brand example by Vaude, Pyua, Bleed Organic Clothing, Paramo, Navarpluma with a brand example by Ternua and Ecoalf showed different examples on recycled or up cycled materials and the collecting process of products, which have reached their end of life.

All in all, the Ethical Fashion Show is a very small fair compared to ispo or Première Vision for example. But we found there a real motivation from the visitors to know more about sustainability in the fashion. Eventually, for us (AIR) it was great to discover new inspiring brands (Mud Jeans, Langbrett, Renana Krebs, etc.) or brands with really high knowledge and motivation towards a more sustainable future (Knowledge Cotton Apparel, Skunk Funk, Ecoalf, etc.).