Method: The Problem You Created is Now a Solution You Can Buy

Publié le par Benjamin Marias .

or how marketers are good at solving problems, sometimes!

Alert to the problem as an opportunity, prepared to make itself useful, determined to prove that even this problem can be shifted, Method, a soap company, took on ocean plastic. And shifted it.

« In the process, they transformed ocean waste into something useful, voluptuous, and a beautiful pewter grey. » Method is using ocean plastic to make some of its new hand soap bottles.

Method does not solve the whole issue of waste but at least raises awareness.


To be noticed:
– Method is a cerfitified B-Corporation since 2007
– Method uses 100% of recycled plastic for its bottles
– Method has a full range of  Cradle to Cradle certified products

– Learn more about Method and its commitment to sustainability
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