Mycelium – Partners for Sustainable Business Solutions

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Mycelium partners is the independent network of entrepreneurs who work as interdisciplinary experts for responsible business solutions within the European sports and textile industry.

AIR is part of four entrepreneurs/ agencies helping the industry to move towards responsible solutions within the whole value chain- from strategy right through to consumer facing. The agencies GreenRoomVoice (Switzerland), Fuss-ion (Germany), Anna Rodewald (Germany) and AIR (France) offer together key services around every subject involved in a wholesome approach. More partners to come !

Services include:


Integration of sustainable vision into responsible business strategies

– Analysis of the current business position and opportunities within the market
– Definition of innovation and business strategies for sustainable growth
– Support in integration of innovation strategies into product & service life cycle


The way to responsible clothing starts with the first pencil stroke. The creative department lays the foundation for the implementation of the sustainability strategies of clothing companies.

– Analysis of the creative and design process with regard to the company’s sustainability strategy
– Professional training on relevant regulations, standards, tools and developments
– Development and composition of in-house design guidelines with regard to the company’s sustainability strategy


Integrating sustainability management in the supply chain and procurement management to include both economic as well as ecologic and social concerns into the framework of a sustainability strategy.

– Analysis of the supply chain status quo with regard to the company’s sustainability strategy
– Development and planning of supplier evaluations (tier One and Two) with regard to the company’s sustainability strategy
– Support in setting up a well scheduled supply chain with regard to economic, ecologic and social aspects


Mostly underestimated, this stage of a product’s life holds the greatest savings potential when it comes to its ecological footprint. Maintenance, use and repair are highly interdependent and it is thus a major challenge to find a balance between product performance and ecologic responsibility.

– To improve care of products, we identify the best available solutions, carry out benchmark and test if necessary
– We help to structure after sale service (internal or external), define the requirements of what is repairable and communicate with clients


What happens to a product when its use ended? This question is no longer just an ideological issue but also a consequence of rising commodity prices and resource scarcity. Efficient recycling streams and innovative end of use concepts will define a company’s economic success on the long run.

– For companies that want to engage into a « Zero Waste « philosophy, we find recycling streams for all products or materials
– For companies that want to prepare themselves for future product end of life / end of use regulations (textile & footwear), we help to assess the economic and environmental performance of different strategies. We are also able to set up take back system with the help of keys partners.


It’s possible to initiate positive change by communicating responsibly. Many brands do great efforts in sustainable development, but have a hard time communicating them. Here a responsible approach towards the consumer and education of retail and PR are key.

– Workshop: Key requirements for responsible communication
– Enabling retail, PR departments and press to understand sustainability
– Transparency within an overload of information


– Trace & Evaluate: Follow up on customer’s demands through the whole value chain.
– Involve & Communicate: Stakeholder integration and communication
– Report: Supporting business’s Sustainability Reporting according to internationally recognized guidelines

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