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For the second time, Greenroom Voice and AIR are offering their creative workshop format at Performance Days.
In Munich from the 20.-21.4.2016

You are really interested in closing the loop, but are looking for a missing link? You want to understand the opportunities and challenges of a closed loop system? You have heard about recycling consumer products and look for a starting point? Interested in Circular Economy, but somehow overwhelmed by the information around the subject?

The idea is to make the #reconomy philosophy accessible and helping with real hands on solutions and information.

Please inform us at anna@greenroomvoice.com, if you would like to take part in any of the workshops- places are limited.

“RECYCLED” starts at 11.45 – 13.15 on Wednesday the 20.4.2016 (1,5 h – English)
“RECYCLABLE” starts at 11.45 – 13.15 on Thursday the 21.4.2016 (1,5 h – English)

Who are the workshop for?

Designers, product managers, procurement, anyone who is involved in deciding on and sourcing of raw materials.

What are the workshop about?

Business opportunities and practical challenges in closing the loop: where are all the recycled materials coming from and can we re introduce them into the value chain?

During this Workshop we will focus on RAW MATERIALS fit for Circular Economy, new production and recycling methods, and first industry examples. Which recycled materials can we access from the END OF USE phase and what can we do in terms of sourcing, design and identification, so the raw material we use today can stay in the loop in the future?

How to make a choice of materials and ingredients (accessories and trims) including chemical aspects for either the technical loop or the biological one?

Workshop room: 206 (2nd floor)
Maximum capacity: 30 participants
The Workshop is free of charge
Email your application form to: anna@greenroomvoice.com