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We envision a world where innovation is responsible for the People and the Environment … A world where innovation creates value for companies, territories, and allows them to take their responsibilities.

We are convinced that businesses play a central role in solving social and environmental problems. Soon, companies will not only seek to be the best in the world but also the best for the world.

We believe that dialogue and interaction with stakeholders and the communities around us enables to adapt and grow within ecosystems increasingly complex.

We are convinced that sustainability is evolving. Responsible innovation is one of the tools to imagine tomorrow’s world.

until today
Company philosophy
It generally represents additional expenses and is usually a part of the communication plan. The company meets market expectations.
A source of shared value creation for all stakeholders. The company responds to social issues (purpose-driven)
Economic model
Development with new markets, new products, etc. Silo approach.
Integration of new business models (circular economy, collaborative economy, service economy). Ecosystem approach
Global strategy
Risk management. Focused on short-term innovation. Initiated by the sustainable development manager.
Changing the rules. Disruptive Innovation. Driven by management. Fully integrated into the overall strategy of the company.
Product Strategy
Management of past impacts. Eco-design of products.
Creating new opportunities. The best performing products from an environmental and social point of view are also the cheapest products.
Lifecycle approach: multi-impact, multi-indicators
Environmental accounting. Consideration of positive and negative
Employees’ engagement
Sustainable development as an employee engagement factor.
Sustainable development is embedded in each job description and is part of the company culture.
Communication with consumers
Sustainable Development Report. Presentation of the impacts with some indicators (carbon, water, waste, etc.)
Complete transparency on all the company's practices. Environmental display with multiple indicators on all products.

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Dedicated to the world of sports (outdoor, surf), tourism (mountain, ocean) and textiles, AIR provides to businesses and territories a set of expertise around innovation and sustainability.


Our priority work areas :

– The development of stronger links between businesses and territories / local authorities
– The deployment of new business models (economy of functionality, collaborative economy, circular economy, etc.)
– The appropriation of the concept of shared values and brand purpose.
Our main added value lies in our ability to mobilize women and men around a common project to foster positive impact on society.


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